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1/24 Crappie Jig Head - Combo Pack
1/24 Crappie Jig Head - Hot Orange | Red Rooster Custom Baits (Hook Color & Style May Vary)

1/24 Crappie Jig Head - Combo Pack

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Red Rooster - 1/24 Crappie Jig Head - Combo Pack
Part Number: RRJH24-COMBO-001
Save Money With The 1/24th oz. Jig Head Combo Pack!
Get every color of our 1/24th oz. Crappie Jig Heads for one low price!
Make sure to tie on a Red Rooster Jig Head with any of the Red Rooster Crappie Jigs for your next fishing trip! The Red Rooster Crappie Jig Head is a 1/24th oz, round ball jig head with a #4 red Mustad Aberdeen Hook. Each jig head has an eye on each side for realism and lifelike action. The 1/24 jig head is one of the most common sizes for trolling in shallow waters and is a proven crappie catcher throughout the year! 

  • Jig Head Colors: Hot Orange, Chartreuse, Glow White, Fire Red and Hot Pink
  • 10 Jig Heads per Pack
  • Weight: 1/24 oz.
  • Hook Size: #4
  • Hook Type: Mustad Aberdeen
  • Hook Color: Red
  • Trolling DepthRed Rooster Long Line Trolling Guide

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