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Dagger - Glow White
Red Rooster Crappie Jig - Dagger | Glow White

Dagger - Glow White

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Red Rooster - Dagger Finesse Crappie Jig - Glow White
Part Number: RRDAG-014
The Red Rooster Dagger Finesse Crappie Jig is designed with a smaller profile (1.5") to trigger strikes from from finicky and highly pressured crappie. The Dagger shines in warmer, clearer water or when the crappie are feeding on smaller baitfish. The Dagger is best paired with a 1/32oz., 1/24oz. or 1/16oz. Jig Head. The Dagger has been field tested by the Red Rooster Pro Staff and has produced limits in several key crappie fisheries! Bottom Line...The Dagger catches crappie!

Glow White which is highly effective in stained/murky water, night fishing and any other low light conditions. Hold the glow white crappie jig under a flash light for 15-30 seconds and it will glow in the dark! This color is very effective when paired with a 1/16th or 1/24th Glow Jig Head!

Package Contents:
  • 15 Dagger Finesse Crappie Jigs
  • Size: 1.5"
Recommended Tackle:
  • Jig head size: 1/32 oz., 1/24 oz. & 1/16 oz.
  • Hook Size: #6 & #4
Crappie Conditions:
  • Water Clarity: Clear/Stained/Low Light Conditions

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