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Float-N-Flies - Thread Fin Shad
Red Rooster - Float-N-Flies | Thread Fin Shad

Float-N-Flies - Thread Fin Shad

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Red Rooster - Float-N-Flies - Thread Fin Shad
Part Number: FNF-307
Each Red Rooster Float-N-Fly is hand tied with great care and attention to detail in hopes that one of these flies will catch someone’s personal best fish! A Mustad #4 wide gap is paired with a hand poured 1/16 oz. Minnow head that is powder coated with glow in the dark paint and baked at 350 degrees. The custom made jighead is then dressed in proven fish catching colors using 210 denier ultra select craft hair and mallard flank duck feathers. The finishing step is to seal the thread with an epoxy top coat which provides added protection and many large winter time bass.

Fly Details:

  • Size: Approx. 2.5" (Each Fly varies between 2.5 - 3" due to the materials used)
  • Hook: Mustad #4 Wide Gap
  • Jighead: 1/16 oz. Minnow Head
  • Jig Material: 210 Denier Craft Hair & Duck Feathers
Recommended Tackle:
Note: Our recommended tackle is to get you started. Items listed below are tips but there are several ways to fish the float and fly method.

  • Rod: 9-1/2 to a 12’ rod
  • Reel: 2000 Series Spinning Reel
  • Fishing Line: 8 lb Braid for Main Line
  • Leader Line: 6lb Mono or Fluorocarbon Leader
  • Swivel: 3 Way Swivel
  • Cork: Red Rooster Lift Bite Cork (Internally Weighted)
Fishing Conditions:

  • Water Temp: 50 degrees and below
  • Fish Depth: Suspended Fish around 20'

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