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Georgia Razor - Contusion
Georgia Razor - Contusion color by Red Rooster Custom Crappie Jigs

Georgia Razor - Contusion

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Red Rooster - Georgia Razor - Contusion
Part Number: R-233
The Red Rooster Georgia Razor Crappie Jig was designed to match the hatch and when we say hatch, we mean the smaller hatch. The Georgia Razor is especially effective in cold water conditions when the Crappie are bait size selective. The smaller size of the Razor Crappie jig is extremely productive post shad spawn when the Crappie are feeding on smaller younger baitfish.

Package Contents:
  • 12 Georgia Razors
  • Size: 2"
Recommended Tackle:
  • Jig head size: 1/64,1/32,1/24, 1/16
  • Hook Size: #4
Crappie Conditions:

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