How To Fish The Red Rooster Georgia Razor Crappie Jig

The Red Rooster Georgia Razor Crappie Jig is a small profile crappie jig that meets and exceeds several levels of crappie fishing!

Don't let the small profile of the Georgia Razor fool you! It will catch BIG fish...and by fish we mean Crappie as well as other species. 

The Georgia Razor mimics small bait fish and it works really well when crappie are finicky due to fishing pressure or the crappie are bait size specific.

Post spawn or during cold winter water temperatures are great times to fish the Red Rooster Georgia Razor.

In some cases, in certain fisheries, the crappie feed on small bait all year round which makes the Georgia Razor a great choice any time of the year.

Best Times To Use The Georgia Razor Crappie Jig:

  • Post Spawn
  • Cold Water Temperatures
  • Fishing Pressure
  • Feeding on small bait

Fishing Methods:

The fishing methods and uses for the Red Rooster Georgia Razor are endless! We have listed some of our favorites fishing methods below to help get you started.

Double Rigging

Double Rigging the Georgia Razor is a great method when crappie are suspended or you want to determine the best color combination for the day's catch. When double rigging, use a heavier jig head such as a 1/16 oz. on the bottom and a 1/32 oz. jig head about 12 - 16" up on the line and hold on! You can also experiment by tying on two different color Georgia Razor jigs to determine which color the crappie are looking for and when you find out which color works best use that color for both top and bottom.

Long Line Trolling

When crappie are active there is nothing better than long line trolling for non-stop action! When we say "long line trolling" we mean trolling jigs from a boat at certain speeds and depths depending on the depth of the crappie. 

Typical day of long line trolling:

  1. Determine the depth of the crappie using your electronics or what the local crappie masters tell you at the bait shop.
  2. Cast your line or lines out around 30 feet
  3. Troll at the speed that keeps your Georgia Razors in the crappie zone.

Cork or Bobber

A cork and bobber are great ways to catch crappie over brush piles, around docks or under bridges. This is also a great method for kids! In some cases when the crappie are suspended at a certain depth a cork or bobber works best as you can keep the Georgia Razor in the strike zone longer. Tie on a Georgia Razor and set your cork or bobber at the depth of the fish and let the movement of the bobber and line entice the crappie to bite.

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