The Red Rooster Talon 2.0 is designed to be rigged and fished THREE different ways!

Separate The Tail

By separating the Talon 2.0 "Flame Tail" the presentation of the jig changes to a more life-like bait fish swimming action.
Red Rooster Talon 2.0 - Separated Split Tail

Long Line Trolling

By hooking or rigging the Talon 2.0 horizontally and long line trolling (at least 30' behind the boat) the "Flame Tail" presents like a swimming bait fish. This is the traditional method for fishing the Talon 2.0 during pre & post spawn. The Talon 2.0 "Flame Tail" may be separated or left intact, whichever your personal preference is or depending on what the Crappie are responding to!

Typical day of long line trolling:

  1. Determine the depth of the crappie using your electronics or what the local crappie masters tell you at the bait shop.
  2. Cast your line or lines out around 30 feet
  3. Troll at the speed that keeps your Talon 2.0 in the crappie zone.
How To Fish the Red Rooster Talon 2.0

Flat Body Hook

By hooking or rigging the Talon 2.0 flat and pitching into brush or under docks the "Flame Tail" will flap up and down as opposed to side to side. This is a great vertical fishing method when fish are holding close to brush piles, structure or under docks.
Red Rooster Talon 2.0 - Flat Body Hook
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