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Kic'n Chic'n - Albright Special
Kic'n Chic'n - Albright Special color by Red Rooster Custom Crappie Jigs

Kic'n Chic'n - Albright Special

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Red Rooster - KIc'n Chic'n - Albright Special
Part Number: KC-320
The Red Rooster Kic'n Chic'n Swimming Crappie Jig is sure to be a game changer on your next fishing trip! The baitfish body coupled with a realistic "swimming tail mimics baitfish size and behavior. The Kic'n Chic'n has been field tested by professional crappie anglers as well as professional fishing guides and has produced quality crappie on several well known lakes. With several crappie catching colors available you are sure to have a productive day on the water with the Kic'n Chic'n Swimming Crappie Jig. Bottom Line...Crappie love Red Rooster Jigs!

Package Contents:
  • 10 Kic'n Chic'n Jigs
  • Size: 1.7"
Recommended Tackle:
  • Jig head size: 1/32,1/24, 1/16, 1/8
  • Hook Size: #4
Crappie Conditions:
  • Water Clarity: Stained

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