Lake Allatoona Crappie Fishing Report | 9-23-23
If you are not excited for the fall crappie bite on Lake Allatoona, you should be! We Fished the south end of Allatoona lake on Thursday (September 21) and the water temperature was 78.5 degrees and the water clarity was Allatoona green (clear). It is a little early to start longline trolling but we were up for the challenge! We installed the trolling bars and had 6-10 rods out testing the new Red Rooster Dagger crappie jig. Believe it or not, We caught 6 crappie and 6 bass longline trolling! The crappie were found in 18-20' feet of water, suspended anywhere from 8' to 12’ deep. The magic trolling speed seemed to be .68-.72 mph, this speed was critical to get our 1/16 jig heads in the strike zone!  We ran through a school of spotted bass and we had 3 bass on at one time! The beauty of longline trolling is that you never know what you’re gonna get...crappie, bass, hybrids, stripers, catfish...they all hit crappie jigs!  Me and my fishing partner were testing new colors and enjoying the beautiful fall day that the Lord blessed us with. Check out for our "Longline Trolling Guide" ( for more information and tips. Hope this helps, it won’t be long and it’s going to be great fishing ! Come on fall!!!
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