Lake Allatoona Crappie Fishing Report | 9-29-23

Air Temp: 78 

Wind: 5-7 mph 

Lake Level: 835 

Water Temp: 75-78 

Water Clarity: Mild Stain to Clear (Depending on the area of the lake) 

Area Fished: Little River to Victoria 

Jigs Used: Cajun Chicken Dagger, Watermelon Ghost Dagger, Green Glimmer Dagger 

Technique: Targeted Brush Piles and slow retrieve over and around brush piles.

Allatoona Crappie Fishing Report: Allatoona Lake continues it's annual fall/winter drawdown and is approaching the magic 835' mark. This level is key for the beginning of long line trolling season for Allatoona crappie. The trolling rods need to be installed on the boat by the second week of October. We are still catching the crappie on brush but they are starting to get active due to two key factors: 1) Allatoona drawdown and 2) decreasing water temperature. We targeted brush anywhere from 18'to 10' and the crappie are suspending around 6' - 8' above the brush. There are some roaming crappie that can be seen off the brush. Tip: Find the creeks, find the crappie! There are loads of bait fish in and around the creeks...the crappie will be chasing bait which leads into trolling season. We continue to have great success with the new Red Rooster Dagger crappie jig! This little bait is dynamite and is really something...and we are not just saying that because we make it. It has been field tested ALL SUMMER and it has caught fish since June when most crappie anglers start fishing with minnows or hair jigs. The colors we used this week were Watermelon Ghost, Cajun Chicken, Mayfly & Green Glimmer. All these colors work well in clear water.

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