Lake Allatoona | June Weekly Crappie Fishing Report | 6-28-24

Air Temp: High: 99 - Low: 70 

Wind: Up to 12 Mph

Lake Level: 840' (Click Here For Current Water Level)

Water Temp: 80-82 

Water Clarity: Clear

Area Fished: North Lake (Little River Area), S Turns To Victoria, Blockhouse (Tanyard/Clark Creek Area), Galt's Ferry & Kellogg Creek

Jigs Used: BlueGrass Dagger, UV Shad Dagger, Sowles Magic Dagger, Motor Oil Red Dagger and MayFly Dagger

Technique: Casting Soft Plastic Jigs & Spider Rigging

Allatoona Weekly Crappie Fishing Report

This report will wrap up the month of June 2024 which has produced a lot of great crappie fishing and memories on Lake Allatoona! June is a great month to catch quality and quantity but it is also a transitionary month for Allatoona crappie as they move from shallow to deep water structure as the water temperature swings from the low/mid 70's to the low/mid 80's in just a matter of weeks. 

At the beginning of June you can still find crappie on brush as shallow as 12' suspended at 4' to 8' but generally towards the end of June they have moved to brush in 18' - 25' suspended at 10' to 16'. Crappie will also hold to the bottom of these structures as deep as 25' or more. Team Red Rooster has been studying crappie on Lake Allatoona for years and we have observed most of the patterns being mentioned here to understand more about the movement and migration patterns. Hopefully it will help you as well! 

We were on the water a few days this week and had pretty good luck in the mornings and evenings casting jigs and spider rigging. We were casting Red Rooster Daggers on 3/32nd oz. jig heads on brush in at least 16' to 22' deep. We saw crappie suspended and in the middle of the brush using Forward Facing Sonar (FFS). We would catch 3 or 4 fish per brush and then had to change locations. Not all brush or structure had crappie, some brush had crappie that were active and some brush had crappie but would not bite. The key in the summer is to keep moving to find active crappie. Allatoona Black crappie are extremely finicky in the summer which means they prefer smaller jigs, like the Red Rooster Dagger on light line (6lb or less). The Red Rooster Dagger in BlueGrass, UV Shad and Sowles Magic were working well this week. 

As we move into July, you will need to downsize even more using small jigs, smaller jig heads (1/32nd oz. or less), light line (4lb or less) to improve your catch rate. We are not saying that you can't catch crappie on larger jigs if they are aggressive but your best bet is to downsize as much as possible. 

Our good friend and long time Red Rooster Pro Staff Member Larry and his granddaughter Sidney had some great evenings spider rigging minnows over brush piles! (See the images below!). Our best advice this time of year is to use your electronics to find deep brush in 18' to 25' of water and either cast jigs or cast minnows. You don't need expensive electronics to catch crappie...if you find brush, drop a floating buoy on the brush and use minnows and a cork set at 12' to 16', relax and enjoy your time on the water with friends and family. 

We hope this report will help you catch more crappie on Lake Allatoona! Be safe out there and wear your life jackets as boat traffic is in full swing. Remember to keep only the crappie that you need and release the rest to keep our great fishery strong for generations to come! Lord willing the weather will cooperate and we will bring you another report next week!


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