Lake Allatoona | May Weekly Crappie Fishing Report | 5-17-24

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Air Temp: High: 81 - Low: 52 

Wind: Up to 13 Mph

Lake Level: 842.12' (Above Full Pool) and slowly Dropping (Click Here For Current Water Level)

Water Temp:75-77 

Water Clarity: Clear to Light Stain

Area Fished: North Lake (Little River Area), S Turns To Victoria & Blockhouse (Tanyard/Clark Creek Area)

Jigs Used: Splatter Back Dagger, UV Shad Dagger, Watermelon Ghost Dagger, Motor Oil Red Dagger and MayFly Dagger

Technique: Casting & Spider Rigging

Allatoona Weekly Crappie Fishing Report

Come on in the waters fine! The weather was pretty decent the 3rd week of May 2024 on beautiful Lake Allatoona and was just right for some good crappie fishing! 

The water temperature is mid 70's and will soon be in the 80 degree range which means you better have some deep water brush piles or structures picked out for the summer pattern. The water level is a little over 2' over full pool, which means that the crappie are hanging on to some shallow brush and structures for the time being. This will change as the water level returns to full pool and water temp gets in the 80's. 

This past week we found crappie suspended at 6' to 8' on brush and structure in depths of 14' to 18'. We were able to catch them using two different techniques: Casting and Spider Rigging

Casting: Once we find an area with crappie, we are casting a Red Rooster Dagger with a 1/24th oz. Jig Head. We are using the 1/24th oz. Jig Head due to the slower fall rate and steady retrieve depth of around 3' - 4'. Since the crappie are suspended in the 6' range, the slow retrieve is working well. 

Spider Rigging: We had great success spider rigging with minnows. Our spider rig set up is 4 to 6 - 10' and 12' rods on the front of the boat. Each rod should be rigged like a "mini Carolina Rig", which is: a 12-14” leader, 1/2 oz. egg sinker, bobber stops, bead(s) and a #2-#4 Aberdeen hook and plenty of minnows. Troll in and around the brush piles and wait for the rods to go down. Keep those minnows in the 4' to 8' range and you should be able to put some fine Allatoona slabs in the live well. 

On a side note, we landed a Yellow Perch on the main lake this past week...don't know how we did it...but seems like everything hits a Red Rooster crappie jig! Let's take care of our lake and only keep the fish that you can use and put the rest back for our next day on the lake. God Bless and Lord willing the weather will cooperate and we will bring you another report next week! 

If you are new to crappie fishing and/or want to learn more about fishing on Lake Allatoona in general, book a trip with either Jeff "Crappieman" Albright of CrappieMan Allatoona Crappie Guide Service or Jake Turner of Main Line Fishing Charters. They are Red Rooster Pro Staffers and will put you on fish!

Make sure to download the Red Rooster Long Line Trolling Guide for tips on how to troll for Allatoona Crappie.

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