Lake Allatoona | Weekly Crappie Fishing Report | 10-22-23

Air Temp: 50's - 75 

Wind: Calm in the Morning & 10-12 mph in Afternoon 

Lake Level: 833' and dropping 

Water Temp: 65 - 72 

Water Clarity: Clear to Mild Stain (Depending on the area of the lake) 

Area Fished: North Lake (Little River Area) & South Lake (Blockhouse area) 

Jigs Used: UV Shad DaggerSplatter Back DaggerMotor Oil Red Dagger & Jive Turquee Chartreuse Kic'n Chic'n

Technique: Mixed Techniques this week, Trolling & Brush Piles, Stumps and Stick ups

Allatoona Weekly Crappie Fishing Report: The 3rd week in October was a bit challenging. If you were able to fish in the morning, the wind was relatively calm. That all changed after around 10 AM with winds kicking up daily to 10-12 MPH and dying down to around 5-7 MPH around dusk. The morning bite was good but the afternoon bite was a bit challenging due to the least if you were targeting brush or roaming schools. We are seeing some roaming fish and that is only going to continue as the water level and temperatures drop. We did some trolling and caught 14 Crappie as well as hybrids, spots and a catfish. We were trolling using three different presentations: 

  1. Double Jig Rig with a 1/16th oz. jig head on the bottom and a 1/32nd oz. jig head about 12-18" up from the bottom jig. 
  2. Double Jig Rig with two 1/32nd oz. jig heads.
  3. A single 1/16th oz. jig head. 
The Single 1/16th jig head seemed to work the best. The average trolling speeds were between .64 - .94 mph. The crappie were suspended over 18' - 24' of water. The Chicken Pox Small Fry Caught 80% of our crappie! The Jive Turquee - Chartreuse Kic'n Chic'n caught a few as well. 

Get ready the fall troll bite will be on in a week or so leading up to November.

Make sure to download the Red Rooster Long Line Trolling Guide for tips on how to troll for Allatoona Crappie.

Hopefully this report will help you the next time you are crappie fishing on Lake Allatoona. Lord willing we will have another great report next week!

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