Lake Allatoona | Weekly Crappie Fishing Report | 10-6-23

Air Temp: Mid 80's 

Wind: 5 mph 

Lake Level: 835 and dropping 

Water Temp: 76-78 

Water Clarity: Mild Stain (Depending on the area of the lake) 

Area Fished: North Lake (Little River Area) & South Lake (Blockhouse area) 

Jigs Used: Cajun Chicken Dagger, Lectric Chicken Dagger, HammerTime Dagger, Lemonade Kic'n Chic'n & Albright Special Kic'n Chic'n

Technique: Targeted Brush Piles and Long Line Trolling 

Allatoona Weekly Crappie Fishing Report: The first week of October 2023 has been fairly productive with the continued lake drawdown and water temps cooling. The first part of the week we fished the south end of the lake. We trolled the south end of the lake and starting to find crappie leaving the brush and roaming around. We found a few small schools of crappie in 18'-20' of water suspended at 10'-12'. This will only get better as the lake levels and water temps drop. We were long line trolling with 1/16th oz. jig heads which puts our jigs at the 6' to 7' depth when trolling at .6 to .7 mph. We trolled the area using the Red Rooster Kic'n Chic'n in the Lemonade and Albright Special colors. 

Make sure to download the Red Rooster Long Line Trolling Guide for tips on how to troll for Allatoona Crappie.

We fished the north end of the lake the latter part of the week and found active crappie on brush which is normal but we also found a good school of crappie in the river channel. The school of crappie were found in the 20' depth and suspended from 10'-12'. We were able to pull 5 crappie out of that school using the Red Rooster Dagger in the Cajun Chicken color on a 1/16th oz. jig head in Orange, chartreuse or fire red colors. The Watermelon Ghost & Lectric Chicken colors in the Dagger are also doing well. Hopefully this report will help you the next time you are crappie fishing on Lake Allatoona. Lord willing we will have another great report next week!

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