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Talon 2.0 - Albright Special
Red Rooster Crappie Jig - Talon 2.0 Albright Special Color

Talon 2.0 - Albright Special

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Red Rooster - Talon 2.0 - Albright Special
Part Number: T-001
The Red Rooster Talon 2.0 Crappie Jig was designed by Crappie anglers to be more effective than the typical crappie jig. This 2.25" jig is the most innovative crappie design in recent years. The Talon's "fire tail" has two digits which are designed to be separated to create a pulsating swimming movement that drives crappie wild! The Talon 2.0 custom crappie jig has been tested and approved by professional crappie anglers and fishing guides on top crappie lakes across the country. The innovative design of the Talon 2.0 has been proven to catch crappie on lakes all over the country. Bottom line...Crappie Love Red Rooster Jigs!

The Albright Special color was custom designed by Professional Crappie Guide Jeff Albright.

Package Contents:
  • 12 Talon 2.0
  • Size: 2.25"
Recommended Tackle:
  • Jig head size: 1/32,1/24, 1/16 & 1/8
  • Hook Size: #2
Crappie Conditions:
  • Water Clarity: Stained

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