How it all got started...

The story behind the Red Rooster Float-N-Flies and why of why I started tying hair jigs.

After getting my tail kicked every winter, in pot tournament (we fish every winter) by this one team every time they showed up.

The guy opened up to me (after nearly a year) that he was using a float n fly hair jig. A few years before, he went to Dale Hollow and witnessed huge winter stringers of small mouth caught on a tiny hair jig! 

This guy (Me, the Red Rooster) brought that "Float 'N Fly" knowledge back to Georgia and that’s when I started tying flies around 2008.

I read everything I could about hair jigs and what makes the hair jig special. I also made a phone call to Eddie Nuckols, brother of Charlie Nuckols (the guy credited with putting the hair jig on the map). 

So the Red Rooster Float-N-Fly was born! For the Red Rooster Float-N-Fly build, I use a Mustad wide gap #4 hook (I think I’m the only one that uses this hook). The reason I use a Mustad wide gap #4 is because 90% of fished hooked are hooked through the mouth and stuck on the outside of the mouth! I hand pour a 1/16 oz. minnow head then powder coat it with a glow in the dark paint and bake at 350 degrees. I use 210 denier thread, ultra select craft hair and mallard flank duck feathers.  I seal the thread with an epoxy top coat to protect the thread. Each fly is hand tied by me with loving care knowing that one of these flies could catch someone’s personal best fish!

And that my friends is the story behind the Red Rooster Float-N-Flies! Try one today and good luck to everyone on the water this winter! May the Lord Bless You!

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