Lake Allatoona | January Weekly Crappie Fishing Report | 1-26-24

Air Temp: High: 70 - Low: 14 

Wind: Up to 15 Mph

Lake Level: 827' to 833' in 3 Days! (Click Here For Current Water Level)

Water Temp: 38 - 41 

Water Clarity: Heavy Stain to Muddy 

Area Fished: North Lake (Little River Area)

Jigs Used: GoldCrush Dagger & Black & Chartreuse Georgia Razor

Technique: Long Poling

Allatoona Weekly Crappie Fishing Report

This past week were horrible fishing conditions! We only managed one day on the water which was right before the monsoon rains hit and raised the lake level 6 feet from 827' to 833'. After Tuesday the lake was muddy with trash everywhere. The cold temps and the heavy rains were not a good combination for productive crappie fishing on Toona!

The fish we did manage to catch were in cold, muddy water. They were suspended anywhere between 6 - 10 feet. They were not active whatsoever and the only way we managed to catch a few were to use a 14' rod and drop the jig right on their noses. We wish we had more to report, but we are in unpredictable weather patterns for the next month or so. Based on what we are seeing for the February forecast we are in for some good fishing soon!

Make sure to download the Red Rooster Long Line Trolling Guide for tips on how to troll for Allatoona Crappie.

Hopefully this report will help you the next time you are crappie fishing on Lake Allatoona. Lord willing we will have another great report next week!

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