Lake Allatoona | December Weekly Crappie Fishing Report | 12-29-23

Air Temp: High: 57 - Low: 25 

Wind: Monday & Tuesday: 15-20 mph, Wednesday - Friday: Light to no wind 

Lake Level: 829' and dropping (Click Here For Current Water Level)

Water Temp: 48 - 51 

Water Clarity: Clear to Heavy Stained 

Area Fished: North Lake (Little River Area)

Jigs Used: CopperHead DaggerCopperHead Slab DragonLectric Chicken DaggerFlo Pink Pepper Talon 2.0Cajun Chicken Dagger and Albright Special Kic'n Chic'n

Technique: Trolling & Casting

Allatoona Weekly Crappie Fishing Report: Let's get right to it! This is the last Crappie report for 2023 and it was a good week! First off, a monster 3.4 lb crappie was caught on a Red Rooster UV Shad Dagger in the Little River Area. There was some hootin' and hollerin' going on once this crappie was in the boat let me tell you! As you can imagine, crappie this size on Lake Allatoona are few and far between. CPR was administered on this crappie...CATCH - PHOTO - RELEASE

Little River up to Victoria is heavy stained (YooHoo) due to the rain we got around Christmas, but don't let this deter you from getting on the water! The crappie move up shallow when the water gets stained. They could be roaming in depths of 2' to 12' in stained water. We were able to pick up several slabs trolling in depths of 8' - 12' of water pulling 1/32 oz and 1/24 oz jigs at .7 mph trolling speed. The colors & styles that were working for us in stained/muddy water was CopperHead Dagger, CopperHead Slab DragonLectric Chicken Dagger, Flo Pink Pepper Talon 2.0 , Cajun Chicken Dagger and Albright Special Kic'n Chic'n. We looked in Kellogg and Owl Creek but didn't find much of anything on the days we fished but they move in and out of the area and could show up at any time. This was a short week with the Christmas Holiday. We look forward to getting some days in next week after New Year's day.

Make sure to download the Red Rooster Long Line Trolling Guide for tips on how to troll for Allatoona Crappie.

We at Red Rooster Custom Baits would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Hopefully this report will help you the next time you are crappie fishing on Lake Allatoona. Lord willing we will have another great report next week!

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